Memories of Spanish Easter parades

screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-20-18-43In April 2015 I visited a friend who was living in Salamanca, Spain over the Easter bank holiday weekend. For once I didn’t have a huge amount planned, but we got lucky that the Spanish go all out with Easter parades – incense, capes, music and enormous floats carried through the streets that contain depictions of the easter story.


All weekend we kept stumbling upon new processions with very little effort. Even at night we could hear drumming, and looked out of the window to see one passing through a nearby street.


Some of the particularly dedicated walk through the streets carrying these floats without any shoes. And in case you’re wondering, despite appearances there is no link to the KKK.


In Plaza Mayor in the centre of Salamanca we were stood in just the right position for the main parade. They have breaks every so often, and the particular group we were stood next to started a dance:

Whether you’re religious or not, if you’re ever in Spain during Semana Santa do not miss these parades!

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