New Year’s Resolutions

The last time I made a new year’s resolution I was ten. Generally I’m not a massive fan of the concept considering how much they often seem to revolve around willpower and vanish within a few weeks. But this year I thought about it a bit differently regarding things I’d like to do and came up with two things in particular:

1) Travel more

This is a difficult one, on account of both money and time. I work full time, and although I get a generous holiday allowance of 25 days, plus 5 additional which I can buy, there is a limit to how much time I can spend away. I have two cats as well so if I go away for anything more than a weekend they need to go in a cattery which adds to the expenses.

Currently I do what I can to make the most of bank holidays, maximising time away and minimising recovery time. I could go on more trips away in Europe for long weekends, but that would take away from the time I have available for bigger trips out of the continent. Lots of smaller trips is also likely to end up more expensive.

Solution? Travel more within my own country. There’s so much on my doorstep that’s close enough that I can go on adventures without having to book time off work. Tintagel in Cornwall and Corfe Castle in Dorset immediately sprang to mind when I first considered this idea. Whether for a day trip or a weekend away, there are plenty of places to discover nearby that should hopefully help partially satiate my forever itchy feet.

2) Refocus on learning another language

I have never been massively successful at learning a second language, despite always thinking that it would be a good skill – even more so now I travel as much as I do, to try and get away from perpetual English. I did three years of French in school which has completely vanished from my brain, plus four years of Spanish which has stayed somewhat more intact. I also attempted to learn Danish for a year or so and made some progress, but Spanish is definitely the more usable and has remained in my memory better.

You might have already heard of having SMART goals. In light of these, my actual new year resolutions will be:specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely

  1. Take at least one trip within the UK every two months. 
  2. Take a Spanish class. Read a book in Spanish before the end of the year.

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