Travel blog roundup: February

Here’s the very first post in a new series – I’ve been trawling through some of the many travel blogs out there (trawling makes it sound like work… it really wasn’t THAT much of a hardship to spend a few hours reading about travel…) to find my favourites for February. I’ll try to do this each month – sometimes based on recent posts, sometimes around a certain theme or destination, then post a travel blog roundup of the best that I find.

This month I came across some off-the-beaten-track experiences, wonderful photography and practical tips on destinations. Read on, and be sure to give a like or comment on their blog if you’ve been inspired!

Carretera Austal: Chile road trip guide

1st February by Backpack Me

© Backpack Me

Very off the beaten track – a road trip of 5500km over 48 days, south through Chile and Argentina. Starry night skies, glaciers, beaches, ranches and kayaking – there are some incredible landscapes, plus tips for anyone thinking of doing the same. Although personally I wouldn’t be keen on that much driving, Patagonia is definitely on my radar now for a future trip.


TRAVEL / Budget Gili: How much does it cost to travel the Gili Islands?

4th February by The Wandering Mind

© The Wandering Mind

Massively useful information on visiting the Gili Islands in Indonesia. They’re on my list for my trip to Indonesia in September, and this gave me almost everything I need to know (plus some great pictures!)


Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

4th February by Beyond Blighty

Volcano boarding

Volcano Boarding – © Beyond Blighty

Volcano boarding?? That speaks for itself. Arianwen draws attention to a unique kind of adrenaline rush that’s definitely a tale to take home, with practical tips on safety, travel insurance and available tour companies.


Boat to Battambang

10th February by Stutengarten

© Oliver Joest

Some great photos and a short account of a boat journey from Siem Reap to Battambang in Cambodia. Definite wanderlust, really gives you a feel for the trip.


10 ways to make the most of your new camera

13th February by Finding the Universe @ Nomadic Matt

© Laurence Norah

There’s a lot of posts like this floating about the internet, but this one genuinely contains useful information that I think will help with my own attempts at travel photography. Laurence gives tips on what format to shoot in and what manual settings to play around with first among other things. Give it a read if you want to start getting your camera out of auto mode!


The Atlas of Connection: Sneak Peek

13th February by The Great Affair

© Candace Rose Rardon

As great as all the posts above are, I think this has to be my favourite. It’s incredible – beautiful map artwork next to heartfelt travel stories of connection. And even better, it’s only a sneak peek at a sample chapter – Candace is now querying agents and publishers to turn it into a real book! I love books and maps and travelling and watercolour art – there was no way I wasn’t going to get excited about this. Good luck with publishing, Candace!

Come back in a month for the travel blog roundup for March!

4 thoughts on “Travel blog roundup: February

  1. candacerardon says:

    Thank you so much for including the Atlas of Connection here, Laura! I’m thrilled to hear the project resonates with you, and can’t wait to keep you posted as it develops 🙂


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