Review: Saal Digital acrylic glass print

One of my favourite things to do soon after I’ve returned from holiday is start going through my photos. Normally they end up going into an album on Facebook, a gallery on this blog and into one of my many scrapbooks with ticket stubs and leaflets. Recently however I had the opportunity to do something a bit extra – get some wall decor printed to hang up in my house.

With a £50 voucher to spend, I went looking through the wall decor styles available on Saal Digital’s website:

  • Canvas – discounted because I already have one and wanted something a bit different
  • Alu-Dibond – matte aluminium panel – not chosen because I thought it looked a bit corporate
  • Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish – aluminium panel with metal affect – would look great with the right photo, almost picked this
  • PVC Foamboard – not chosen because it looked corporate
  • Acrylic glass – printed on glass with nice 3D appearance – my final choice
  • GalleryPrint – glass print backed onto alu-dibond, the best of them all but not chosen because of the price

With Acrylic Glass picked as my print of choice, I started looking through my photos for the perfect one to print. That was the most difficult part! Eventually I settled on a picture I took in one of my favourite places in the Canadian Rockies – a view out over the mountains near Athabasca Falls, early in the morning.

You have to download their app to edit your photo into the right format, which seems slightly unnecessary, although I believe there is an option to do all this on their website as well. I had some trouble connecting the app to my Mac’s Photos app so copied the file onto my desktop, but after that all the setup was straightforward. You can enter coupons and pay within the app.

The wall decor is printed in Germany so takes a week or so to arrive. It came packaged in sturdy cardboard and bubble wrap which protected it fine on its journey to England. I’m very happy with the quality of the acrylic glass. The resolution is excellent, the colours clear and it’s lovely and glossy. The material does attract a lot of dust though, plus cat hair – make sure you have a lint free cloth to wipe it with! I’d ordered the standard mounting which you stick onto the back and feel secure. Then it was easy enough to hang it up on the wall in my bedroom 🙂

The only negative really is the price – for a 30x30cm print with standard mounting and shipping, the total came to £55. It is a high quality to match that high price, and for professionals undoubtedly it is worth it – but for artwork in my own home, getting anything larger would cost a little too much to justify except for a special occasion.

N.B. I received a voucher towards the costs of this print from Saal Digital in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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